Street Crime

Album: Vengeance ep (2007)

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Song: A Call To Violence

Bitrate: 192kbps

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This is Street Crime (MI) not that new jersey bullshit

With a sound reminiscent of Black Flag, Minor Threat and offering a lyrical edge in the vein of blue collar hardcore, Street Crime offer a fresh, new perspective on what is going on in punk rock today. Allowing for all influences to melt into one thrashing, sonic assault Street Crime's live performance creates a vortex for the band to deliver their combative approach to anyone within earshot. Hailing from many areas and life experiences, blue collar backgrounds and working class homes Street Crime is fusing a youthful, energetic sound with real life venom. Solidifying a new sound with bone crushing anthem-esque choruses in "For Them" huge guitar riffs introducing "Don't Look Back" to the all out war of "Vengeance", Street Crime vendetta has begun and no one in their path is safe.